Family Counseling

Family Counseling
There may be no group of people that has more of an impact on our mental and emotional health than our families. Our parents, siblings, spouses, children, and extended families influence our attitudes toward life, how we resolve conflict, and our moods from day to day. It is also important to realize how much we influence our families in return. The smallest word or gesture can have the largest impact in those close to us. Family dynamics are complicated and tough to navigate, but fortunately, Rick McCarthy MFT is here to make the journey a little easier. With compassionate family counseling in San Clemente, Rick McCarthy will guide you and your family toward a happy, healthy shared life.

Benefits of Family Counseling

There are many ways that family dynamics can grow dysfunctional. We may acquire habits early in life that make it difficult for us to express our feelings. We may bottle up resentments and grievances for years, allowing them to deepen and make themselves known in unhealthy ways. The primary goal of family counseling is to establish healthy lines of communication and mutual respect. Once each family member can listen effectively and respect the others’ point of view, then it becomes much easier to solve problems.

The Approach that Works for You

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and similarly, family counseling should be customized to suit each family. Whether you prefer individual sessions, group sessions, or a mix of the two, Rick McCarthy MFT can accommodate your requests. Therapy can be a delicate process, and he will proceed with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. To get started with family counseling in San Clemente, contact the office of Rick McCarthy MFT to set up an appointment.

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