Stress Management Therapy

Stress Management
Everyone gets stressed occasionally. But sometimes, chronic stress can become a real problem, leading to persistent anxiety, health issues, and damage to your career and relationships. Some people have internalized bad habits that exacerbate their stress, like trying to ignore or suppress it, or not searching for a healthy outlet. Discussing your stress with a licensed therapist may be just what you need to tackle the problem. Stress management therapy is valuable for those suffering from any level of stress.

Stress can stem from psychological, physiological, or even emotional problems. It is the body’s way of telling you that something needs to change, whether it be more sleep, exercise, or identifying stressors in your life that you can eliminate. Stress has persistent physical and mental effects that lower your quality of life, which is why it is important to seek treatment.

There are many factors in today’s society that contribute to stress, from a culture that encourages working all the time to the declining quality of our personal relationships to new technologies that make it harder to unplug. Signs of stress include feeling irritable, angry, rushed, or under pressure. Stress can also manifest in physical symptoms like chronic headaches or stomach pains. These symptoms may simply appear with no apparent cause, because they stem not from a specific event, but from your overall elevated stress levels. Stress is a large contributor to disease and illness. Less stress means fewer illnesses and faster recovery times.

Fortunately, we are the ones in ultimate control of our stress levels. There are many strategies you can learn for managing your stress, from meditation and relaxation techniques to lifestyle changes. If you have struggled with stress for a long time, you may be amazed how the simple act of talking out your issues can help you identify solutions. Rick McCarthy is a stress management counselor in the San Clemente area with over 40 years of experience. Call to set up an appointment, and take the first steps toward living a stress-free life.

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